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Take a look at our new Digital Magazine – The Medievalverse – which offers you the best of each week’s posts from

As we have been growing, we have got a lot of feedback and our readers have been asking us to create a convenient way to read our content, including on mobile phones and iPads, without having to see all those ads! We have teamed up with Joomag to create a weekly digital magazine that will deliver all that.

We are very excited about our digital magazine and were hoping that many of you will subscribe to it. The cost is going to be $4.99 (US) for 4 issues or $12.99 for 13 issues. You can also buy each issue for $1.99. You can preview our latest issue below:

This week’s issue features a 23-page article examining the Crusades, by Andrew Latham. We also take a look at Venetian Prisons on Crete, the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London and much more!

Click here to purchase an individual issue for $1.99

Click here to subscribe for 13 issues for $12.99

Click here to subscribe for 4 issues for $4.99

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medievalverse magazine
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