Our Features section offers indepth reports on medieval subjects and special events.

Why Medieval? Go Medieval!

Read and watch ours and your stories of how one first got interested in the Middle Ages. We love this section and want to hear from you.

Crusades and Crusading

The launching of the First Crusade at the end of the eleventh century, and its success in capturing Jerusalem in 1099, would mark a turning point in medieval history. See this new section with articles, videos and more resources about the Crusades

The Black Death

In the fourteenth century, a deadly plague swept across Asia and Europe, leaving millions dead and created large-scale changes in medieval society. Our section includes videos, articles and other resources on the topic.

The Battle of Grunwald

The Battle of Grunwald, fought on July 15th, 1410, has a kind of mythical status in the history of not only Poland, but Lithuania and Germany. Called the Battle of Tannenberg by the Germans and the Battle of Zalgiris by the Lithuanians, this clash was decisive moment in the history of the Eastern Europe.


Since the start of Medievalists.net we have doing interviews with scholars, writers and other medievalists. See our interviews with Natalie Zemon Davis, Ian Moritmer, Nancy Marie Brown, Robin Fleming, Guy Gavriel Kay and more.

Same-Sex Relations in the Middle Ages

The study of homosexual, lesbian and bisexual relations during the Middle Ages is a growing area of research. This section list articles available online that deal with these issues.

The Cloisters: Medieval Museum of Art

Our video and photos of the famous museum located in New York City

Medieval Dress and Clothing

This section offers some of the information available online related to what people wore in the Middle Ages, including medieval dresses, jewelry and other fashion, as well as about the clothing-making industry in the medieval world.

Vikings in Greenland

One of the great mysteries of the Middle Ages is what was the fate of the Norse community in Greenland. This section lists online articles about the colonization, society and decline of medieval Greenland.

Domesday Book

A guide to the Domesday Book, created by William the Conqueror, which  provided a wealth of data about England in the eleventh century.  Includes articles, books and our video about the document.

Medieval Crime and Punishment

This page deals with how criminal behavior was dealt with in the Middle Ages. All medieval societies had developed laws to deal with issues like murder, theft, treason and other crimes. A wide range of solutions emerged over time to keep social peace and deal with criminals and violent people.

Medieval Food

Medieval Food explores the cuisine and cooking found in the Middle Ages. The articles listed here show that people ate and drank a wide variety of foods and beverages, and dietary habits across medieval world could be significantly different.

Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier

A project and exhibition that examines the impact of “medievalism” on conceptions and representations of the Canadian frontier in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. See our interview with Professor Kathryn Brush.

Christmas in the Middle Ages

This feature will look at the origins of Christmas and how it was celebrated in the Middle Ages.  It includes links to articles related to this topic.

Medieval Ireland

Our resources about medieval Ireland, including articles, books, news, videos and more.

Medieval Warfare

We list some of the most important resources about warfare and the military in the Middle Ages, including articles, videos, books and other online resources

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Over 50 videos about medieval historic sites, including Westminster Abbey, Chartres Cathedral and White Fortress of Himeji-jo.

To Have and To Hold: Marriage in Pre-modern Europe

Our report from a conference on marriage in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Includes seven video interviews

Staffordshire Treasure Hoard

In 2009 a vast treasure of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver items was found in England, making international headlines. Read about how an amateur metal detectorist was able to discovery in a farmer’s field, along with images and news about the hoard.

Violence and Predation in Medieval Europe

Daniel Lord Smail lectures on how violence was being dealt with by medieval society – read our report about his fascinating research.

Castle for Sale

Interested in buying a castle? Our special section lists those medieval castles that are currently up for sale (be prepared to write a big check!)

The Book of Michael of Rhodes

Learn about the amazing manuscript penned by a Venetian sailor from the 15th century

The Middle Ages on BBC Radio

One of the best resources about the Middle Ages, the BBC has dozens of programs which offer insights into medieval history. Listen to these shows here

The Bayeux Tapestry

The most famous embroidery made during the Middle Ages, the Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England. Find all the resources about this tapestry here, including articles, videos and books.

Renaissance Magazine

Looking for something to read that combines a little history with how to get ready for the next medieval fair or tips on having your own medieval-themed wedding? This magazine is for you.

The Clopton Charter at Brock University

A 13th century English charter has been found locked in a desk in a university library in Canada. Learn more about this discovery.

Medieval History Podcasts from the National Archives

From the Magna Carta to the Wars of the Roses, the British National Archives offers ten podcasts about British history during the Middle Ages

The Tale of Genji

Written a thousand years ago by Murasaki Shikibu, a 30 year-old lady in waiting of the 11th century Japanese Heian Court, The Tale of Genji is considered the world’s first novel. In this podcast, Vancouver documentary maker Teresa Goff considers why the novel continues to fascinate.

Podcasts on the Wars of the Roses

A series of six podcasts has been produced by Dr. David Grummitt tell the story of the feud between the houses of Lancaster and York, with the Kingdom of England going to the winner

Twitter and Medievalists

Looking for  the Middle Ages on Twitter? Here is a list of people and organizations that post about medieval topics.

L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland

The only confirmed Viking settlement in North America, we profile this historic site.

Medieval Economics for the Peasant

The NPR radio show Planet Money has a conversation with Philip Daileader about how life was like for the vast bulk of the population during the Middle Ages

The Murder of Charles the Good

A guide to the events of 1127, when Count Charles I of Flanders is murdered, triggering a brutal civil war and dragging in the kingdoms of England and France into the fight for who would rule this strategic corner of Europe

Top Ten Medieval News for 2009 – our list of the most important news stories related to medieval history for the year 2009. Includes amazing archaeological discoveries, an earthquake in Italy and the collapse of an archive in Germany

Medievalists on Facebook – your guide to what medieval-related content you can find on the social network site Facebook

Passovers of Blood: European Jews and Ritual Homicides – one of the most controversial books on the Middle Ages to come out in years, we take a look at this publication

The Saga of Aron Hjorleifsson – this Icelandic saga details events in the early 13th century. Here is an English translation of this saga

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teachingincludes six articles from this journal that deals with how to teach college and high school students about medieval history

Historical Reflections / Reflexions Historiques – this Canadian journal offers a wide range of scholarship. Medievalists.net is the only website to offer ten articles that cover various medieval topics.