Ibn Al-Haytham’s Contributions to Optics and Renaissance Art

Charles Falco

I am going to talk about the science of optics, the history of western art, and the influence of Ibn Al-Haytham.

GoPro to the Middle Ages

GoPro Medieval - Photo Full Tilt Jousting / Youtube

How medieval history lovers are making use of GoProCameras

Crafting the Perfect Army: Innovation and the Assizes of Arms in Plantagenet England

Prince Edward and his army - from British Library Harley 1766   f. 259v

Daniel Franke, Assistant Professor for medieval and military history at the United States Military Academy, examines military obligation towards English rulers and how the crown raised armies for their campaigns against enemies such as France and Scotland.

Enumerating the Battles, Skirmishes, and Naval Actions at the Siege of Acre

Philip Augustus and Richard I receiving the surrender of Acre

Hosler examines the many episodes during the siege, which involved Saladin’s Egyptian and Syrian troops, fighting against crusader forces that were eventually joined by kings Philip Augustus and Richard I.

The Multilingual Origins of Medieval Irish Surnames

Medieval Irish Surnames

Surnames came into widespread use in Ireland at a time where five vernacular languages were in operation – Irish, English, Norse, Welsh and Norman French.

David Nirenberg on ‘Religion and Violence’

David Nirenberg

Do the respective claims of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic holy texts contribute to the violence between the various communities that read them? Or do they provide a basis for solidarity between the three Abrahamic religions?

Moses as a Germanic hero? Biblical Poetry in Anglo-Saxon England

Samantha Zacher

Samantha Zacher talks about Anglo-Saxon Jewish heroes.

Law in the Lives of Medieval Women: Beyond the Magna Carta

women and magna carta

Ruth Mazo Karras discussed, through an analysis of the lives of three women, the way law affected (or not) women at different levels of society in medieval England.

Shining Light on Medieval Illuminations: Pigments through the Ages

shining light on medieval illuminations

Identifying the materials used in medieval illuminated manuscripts gives us an insight into the techniques and skills of the scribes and illuminators, as well as the sometimes complex trade routes of the times.

A Young Man’s Progress – The First Book of Fashion

Matthaus Schwarz fashion

A Young Man’s Progress is art work by London photographer Maisie Broadhead and fashion designer Isabella Newell in collaboration with Cambridge cultural historian Ulinka Rublack.

Regarding the Medieval Book

reading the medieval book

What hooked me on medieval studies was my fascination with the material documents themselves: their feel, their smell, their creaking bindings, the specific and idiosyncratic redactions of texts they contain, and the marks of use on their pages.

Ostsiedlung or Transition of German Law? Legal Perspective on Settlement According to German Law in Medieval Poland

Pawel Dziwinski

Paper given at Twenty-First Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians – 6th Berg Institute International Conference

The Skeleton in the Car Park: Richard III and the legacy of his re-discovery

The Skeleton in the Car Park

Two years on, as his body is reinterred in Leicester Cathedral, what difference has this discovery made? How has the team’s research changed the way we see the ruler, his reign, and the establishment of the Tudor dynasty?

Templars, Hospitallers, and 12th-Century Popes: The Maltese Evidence

Templars Hospitallers and 12th-Century Popes The Maltese Evidence

To date, scholars have cataloged approximately 1,000 pre-1198 papal documents for Templars and Hospitallers, including deperdita (lost documents, inferred from other, still existing documents), as well as forgeries and falsifications.

Middle Age Couriers: How Medieval Polish Manuscripts Turned Up in Milwaukee, and How They Got Back Home to Poland

Neal Pease

Middle Age Couriers: How Medieval Polish Manuscripts Turned Up in Milwaukee, and How They Got Back Home to Poland Lecture by Neal Pease Given at the University of Kansas on April 14, 2014 “He said he had something – a collection of stuff – that he wasn’t actually sure what it was, but he wanted […]

William the Conqueror and the Harrying of the North

William the Conqueror and the Harrying of the North

This lecture examines the events leading up to the Harrying of the North and the impact of this event on the North of England.

Lessons from the Viking Lifestyle

Ingrid Galadriel Aune Nilsen

‘I am here to talk to you about my life as a Viking and how it has changed and shaped my personality and the way I view several aspects of today’s society, and how I started hunting for the authentic experience.’

The Rise and Fall of the Byzantine Empire

Rise and Fall of the Byzantine Empire

A five-minute video shows the fortunes of the Byzantine Empire, from the year 396 to the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in 1453

Local and Traditional on the Millennial Scale: Sustainable Waterfowl Management from Viking Age Iceland

Local and Traditional on the Millennial Scale: Sustainable Waterfowl Management from Viking Age Iceland

Inhabited by Vikings since approximately 600 AD, the islands hosts an abundant, but terribly fragile resource, puffins, flightless birds that nest on rocky exposed cliffs, in easy range of the islanders other prime food source, pigs.

Breaking the Mold: The First Woman in Italian Literature

Fabian Alfie

Active between 1260-1270, the woman known only as La Compiuta Donzella (the fulfilled damsel) attracted the attention of several male writers. Two of them were astonished that such wisdom could be found in a female.

Is it possible to accurately recreate a loaf of medieval bread?

medieval bread making

I propose that the experimental process is the best way to gain a better understanding of what bread was like for our medieval forebears and how it compared to the bread that we eat today?

Global Approaches to the Middle Ages

Global Approaches to the Middle Ages

This interdisciplinary panel discussion marks the appearance of the new journal The Medieval Globe.

King John and the Making of Magna Carta

King John Magna Carta

All sorts of myths and legends grew up around King John and the Magna Carta – this is a part of history that passed into popular culture.

Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps

Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps

Chet Van Duzer, author of the recent book Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps, will trace the history of sea monsters on European maps, beginning with the earliest mappaemundi on which they appear in the tenth century and continuing to the end of the sixteenth century.

How Youtube has Changed the Middle Ages


YouTube launched 10 years ago this month, and has grown to become one of the most popular and important sites on the Internet. It has also deeply changed many aspects of media and society, including about the Middle Ages. Over 2.7 million videos have been uploaded that have something to do with the term ‘medieval’ and another 250,000 that are about the ‘Middle Ages’.

medievalverse magazine