Walk this Way: Two Journeys to Jerusalem in the Fifteenth Century

Depiction of Jerusalem in the 15th century, by Hartmann Schedel

This paper appraises place pilgrimage to Jerusalem in two late-medieval English texts: The Itineraries of William Wey and The Book of Margery Kempe.

Agincourt 1415 – 2015

Agincourt 1415 - 2015 Anne Curry

Anne Curry talks about the myths and history of the Battle of Agincourt

Agincourt 1415: The Battle

Matthew Bennett agincourt

What you haven’t got is an ordered advance – you’ve got complete and total chaos.

The Proud Symbolism of Heraldry: Why It Matters; Why It is Fun!

Proud Symbolism of Heraldry

It is often regarded as an esoteric science and something for the snobs.

Researching Architectural History Through Archaeology: The Case of Westminster Abbey

Warwick Rodwell

For half a millennium, scholars have researched and written about the history and architecture of Westminster Abbey, using documents and visual inspection. One might therefore assume that the architectural history of this iconic building is well understood, and in some respects it is.

Teaching Math in the Middle Ages

Teaching Math in the Middle Ages

Today I would like to talk about the places mathematics and mathematical pedagogy in particular appear in the Latin writing of the medieval world.

The True Knight

true knight

What it takes to be a true knight! A wonderful cartoon short made by students at the University of Bournemouth

‘Getting Medieval?’ The Middle Ages in Modern Politics

Getting Medieval The Middle Ages in Modern Politics

‘Ideas about the Middle Ages are indispensable to how we think about the modern world.’ – Louise D’Arcens

Anglo Saxon House: A Reconstruction

anglo saxon house reconstruction

Four videos from Woodlands.co.uk on how trees were used in the Middle Ages

The Newport Medieval Ship in Context: The Life and Times of a 15th Century Merchant Vessel Trading in Western Europe

Newport Medieval Ship in Context

This paper presents a summary of recent research into the broader economic, cultural and political world in which the Newport Medieval Ship was built and operated.

Landlord of England, not King? Reinterpreting the Reign of Richard II

Mark King

Mark King is a PhD student in the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge working on the political history of Richard II’s reign.

How did medieval seafarers turn trees into boat parts?

timbers ships

In this video, Professor Jon Adams of the University of Southampton explains the techniques by which shipwrights have converted the trees of the forest into the components of the boats in which people eventually sailed around the world.

Horn Iconography as Found in the Grand Medieval Bestiary

animal scene and horn player - British Library Harley 4751   f. 10

Given at the 47th International Horn Symposium, on August 4, 2015

The Diverse Pedagogies of Medievalism

Diverse Pedagogies of Medievalism

This roundtable explored some of the many pedagogies of medievalism in the modern academy. To what purposes is medievalism taught, and how? Using what texts and in what contexts?

Hildegard’s Cosmos and Its Music: Making a Digital Model for the Modern Planetarium

Margot Fassler lecture

The work reported on in this talk is a collaborative effort involving forces performative, scholarly, and technological. Because of the way Hildegard describes her understanding of the cosmos in the treatise Scivias, the model unfolds in two acts.

Maria the Prophetess: Mother of Alchemy

Engraving depicting Maria Prophetissima from Michael Maier's book Symbola Aurea Mensae Duodecim Nationum (1617).

One of the first female scientists, Maria, the Jewess also referred to as Maria the Prophetissa and Maria, Sister of Moses, whose inventions and designs of equipment are used in laboratories today.

Crash Course: Middle Ages

crash course vikings

Watch the medieval history videos created by Crash Course

Inside Lincoln Cathedral

Inside Lincoln Cathedral

A behind the scenes look at Lincoln Cathedral

What Does Normal Look Like?

Stephanie Trigg

Thomas Hoccleve was a fifteenth-century clerk and poet who suffered a mental breakdown around 1416. In his poem, which we now call Hoccleve’s Compleint, he describes his depression and anxiety about not being able to convince his friends and co-workers that he has recovered.

How I Built an Information Time Machine

Frederic Kaplan

Frederic Kaplan shows off the Venice Time Machine, a project to digitize 80 kilometers of books to create a historical and geographical simulation of Venice across 1000 years

Routier Perrinet Gressart: Joan of Arc’s Penultimate Enemy

kelly devries

Even my English medievalist colleagues, however reluctantly, must admit that Joan of Arc played a significant role in the Hundred Years War.

How to Speak Middle English

Speaking medieval - photo by Kit / Flickr

This four-part series of videos created by Youtuber Thatoneguyinlitclass gives a quick guide to speaking in Middle English.

Medieval Parchment: Sewing Lines and Growing Surfaces

matthew paris map

Talks about growing a medieval parchment by stitching in items to it.

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