The Medieval Magazine: Zombies! (Volume 2 Issue 28)

It’s our spooktastic Halloween issue! Ghosts, goblins and all manner of medieval things that go bump in the night!

The Medieval Magazine: The Battle of Hastings (Volume 2 Issue 27)

English Heritage celebrates the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings with a full-scale re-enactment! We bring you exclusive coverage and photos from the event, plus book reviews, an opinion on trigger warnings, and the mystery of the medieval swords.

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 26)

The many sides of Medieval Cultural Heritage and Identity: English Embroidery on display at the V&A Museum, a case study of how one South African object affects the national narrative, an invitation for tourists to help document historic preservation, a book review of ‘A Year in the Life of Medieval England’ by T. Mount, and other exclusive content!

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 25)

Our celebratory Eight-Year Anniversary Issue! We take a journey back through time for the best of our best as well as looking forward to the future and some great new original content!

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 24)

The Medieval Iceland Effect: how this island has contributed to our modern world.
Hear the past with free audio recordings and readings from Medieval Manuscripts Alive, apply for a medieval student loan, and put in a bid for medieval stone!

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 23)

Collaborative team projects yield Gold-Medal-worthy results, joust with champions at Hampton Court Palace, take a tour of the Getty Museum’s new manuscript exhibit “Things Unseen,” and watch Viking experts test out a new game!

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 22)

This issue looks at where King Harold fell, an Anglo-Saxon cemetery, London in 7 drinks, and much more!

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 21)

This issue looks at Point Rosee, The Battle of the Bastards, remedies for infertility, and much more! Inside this issue: About the Festival of Archaeology There’s a Lot of Dirt: How Archaeology Works How the Battle of the Bastards Squares with Medieval History Vikings Unearthed: A response to the Point Rosee Documentary Lady Arabella Stuart Medieval Tournament […]

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 20)

This issue looks at the hit musical Hamilton, medieval expressions of same-sex love in light of Pride, the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, medieval “friend requests”, travel and much more!

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 19)

Welcome to our first issues under new editors Sandra Alvarez and Danielle Trynoski. We’re bringing you a bigger, better issue, with more features, articles, books and travel than ever before.

The Medieval Magazine: Jeanne de Valois (Volume 2 Issue 18)

From a French queen to the descendent of a Scottish king, this issue covers a lot of ground. Read about magic tricks, advice for pregnant women, Thomas Becket’s elbow and more.

The Medieval Magazine: Crime in the Middle Ages (Volume 2 Issue 17)

This week we take a look at crime in the Middle Ages, offering five accounts of murder from medieval Oxford as well as the strange history behind the tale of the Pied Piper.

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 16)

This week we start taking looking back at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, with reports on Scott Bruce’s paper ‘Imagining Subterranean People and Places in the Middle Ages’ and Erik Kwakkel speaking about his work in online media. Plus Tintagel Castle, dancing, Marie de France, Krakens and more on Anne of Brittany.

The Medieval Magazine: Kzoo2016 (Volume 2 Issue 15)

As medievalists gather in Kalamazoo, Michigan for the International Congress on Medieval Studies, we offer tips and reminisces about the largest conference related to the Middle Ages.

The Medieval Magazine: Medieval Astrology (Volume 2 Issue 14)

This week’s issue explores a 15th century astrological text and the practical advice it gives. Read also about cats, Seljuqs, King Arthur, Dante and Viking runestones.

The Medieval Magazine: How to Create Your Own Medieval Costume (Volume 2 Issue 13)

This week’s issue gives you thrifty advice on looking medieval, and explores the Spanish city of Valencia. Plus, Æthelred the Unready, Vikings, Monastic Gardens and the British Museum.

The Medieval Magazine: Game of Thrones (Volume 2 Issue 12)

As a new season of Game of Thrones is set to begin, we take a look at the influence of the Middle Ages on the works by George R.R. Martin.

The Medieval Magazine: Disabilities in the Middle Ages (Volume 2 Issue 11)

This week we look at disability studies and the Middle Ages, the death of Richard the Lionheart, Rounded Churches, and knights in Harlem.

The Medieval Magazine: What We Don’t Know About the Middle Ages (Volume 2 Issue 10)

This week we report on the discovery of a possible Norse farm on Newfoundland, as well as how England was almost invaded during the reign of Richard II.

The Medieval Magazine: Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages (Volume 2 Issue 9)

Our theme for this week examines the relations between Christians and Muslims in the Medieval World. We tell the story of one of the worst outbreaks of violence in medieval Egypt, when Cairo itself was nearly destroyed. Read also about the crusades, Viking treasures, a fun story about Dante, and a church in Rome that is now open after a 36-year restoration.

The Medieval Magazine: Richard’s Final Journey (Issue 8)

This week’s issue takes a look at Richard III’s final journey as his body his take through Leicestershire before it is buried this Thursday at Leicester Cathedral. Read our own account of the day, and take a look at how historians, present and past, have viewed the last Plantagenet King of England.

The Medieval Magazine: The Cadaver Synod (Volume 2 Issue 8)

The Cadaver Synod is one of the strangest events of the Middle Ages – we take a look at why the corpse of a Pope was put on trial in 897. Read also about Dover Castle, medieval prostitution, law, paper, and power struggles in universities.

The Medieval Magazine: Getting High in the Middle Ages (Volume 2 Issue 7)

This week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine, which is over 50 pages long, examines hashish use in medieval Egypt, and you will see that people back then were debating the same issues around drug use as we do with marijuana today

The Medieval Magazine: The Medieval Academy of America (Volume 2 Issue 6)

We report from the Medieval Academy of America’s Annual Meeting, which was held last month in Boston – news from the conference, and reports on two papers given there. Also read about Queen Elizabeth of York, medieval riddles, a foot prosthesis from the 6th-century, and more.

The Medieval Magazine: Anglo-Saxon England (Volume 2 Issue 5)

We take a look at Anglo-Saxon England this week, including a Mercian Queen, and what happened to Britain’s plants and animals when Roman rule collapsed.

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