Parker Library on the Web turns 10-years-old, announces improvements to medieval manuscripts database

Parker Library on the Web has become one of the leading digital medieval manuscript sites since 2005, when an early prototype was first demonstrated. Now, ten years after the prototype, and six years after the release of the first production version, work has begun on Parker on the Web 2.0.

How I Built an Information Time Machine

Frederic Kaplan shows off the Venice Time Machine, a project to digitize 80 kilometers of books to create a historical and geographical simulation of Venice across 1000 years

The Medieval #Twitterati at #IMC2015

The International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds hosted the session The Twitterati: Using Twitter in Medieval Scholarship and Pedagogy – A Round Table Discussion. Over 300 tweets went out during talk, and here are some of the best. [View the story “The Medieval #Twitterati at #IMC2015 ” on Storify]  

Unique digital platform to explore Magna Carta through art

The project launched at Lincoln Castle yesterday on the eve of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the ‘Great Charter’.

Medium and the Middle Ages

Take a look at 15 articles on the Middle Ages that you can find on

A Clerk of Oxford wins best History Blog of the Year award

Eleanor Parker’s blog A Clerk of Oxford has been named Blog of the Year during the Longman-History Today awards, which was held last week.

New Project to look at Medieval Miracles in the British Isles

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have started creating an online database to categorize the miracles found in saints’ lives that were written in Britain and Ireland between 500 and 1300.

Medieval Friends: Chansons De Geste Ltd. –

This week on Medieval Friends, we’re featuring Thomas Motter’s website, Thomas is fluent in French, and has lived in Paris and Munich. He’s done extensive research on medieval French history with an emphasis on the Chansons de Gestes.

Medieval Friends: Inspire, by Andy Mcmillin

Find out why the title of her blog on all things medieval is very fitting.

Medieval Friends: Meet the Historical Honeys!

We’re running a new regular feature to showcase history websites, called “Medieval Friends”. We want to encourage and invite those of you who are passionate about history to share a little about your websites and yourselves.

Wellcome Trust puts over 100,000 images online

The Wellcome Trust, a leading British health organization, has created an online database of over 100 000 historical images, including many from the Middle Ages.

Beowulf in 100 Tweets

How Elaine Treharne took over 3000 lines of Beowulf and made it into 100 tweets.

Medieval England map on Google Maps

Google and National Geographic are teaming up to share over 500 of the maps created by National Geographic Magazine.

Digitised Diseases website allows users to see the bones of the past

Digitised Diseases, a new online resource being launched today, will offer medical experts, archaeologists and historians the chance to view over 1,600 bone specimens with chronic diseases.

The Anti-Social Scholar (and how not to become one)

Julian Harrison about talks the British Library’s Medieval Manuscripts Blog

New App allows users to explore the archaeology of Wales

The new Archwilio App will now allow smartphone and tablet users to digitally explore over 100,000 archaeological records in Wales for the first time.

Take a (Virtual) Tour of St.Andrew’s Cathedral in the year 1318

An Open Virtual Worlds project is allowing people in 2013 to go back nearly seven hundred years to explore one of Scotland’s most important medieval cathedrals.

Pelagios Project to give better understanding of ancient and medieval maps

A collaborative project is bringing together maps and geographical texts from Antiquity and the Middle Ages in a new online database that will allow researchers and the general public to explore online the changing historical significance of many of the world’s most famous cities, as well as smaller urban centres.

Project uses GIS to map Jewish communities of the Byzantine Empire

Geographic information systems – once limited to the domain of physical geographers – are emerging as a promising tool to study the past, as researchers are discovering for medieval history.

Five medieval websites to explore

Five more websites we have come across that are worth a look at…

New Testament from the oldest complete Bible available online for the first time

The New Testament volume from one of the British Library’s most valuable treasures, Codex Alexandrinus, has been made available online for the first time on the British Library’s website.

The Geese Book – medieval manuscript now available online

One of the most interesting manuscripts of the late Middle Ages is now available online – The Geese Book, a lavishly and whimsically illuminated, two-volume liturgical book, can now be accessed through a project from the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

University of Exeter to create app showcasing Anglo-Saxon manuscripts

The world’s largest collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry may soon be available on a smart device App, as part of a project initiated by the University of Exeter.

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