The Medieval Magazine, Issue 117

Our spooktacular Halloween issue is out! We talk about plague in Venice, London, and in medieval music. We look at the mythical Wild Hunt, Viking revenants back from the dead, fantastical werewolves, witches, and vampires, and even divine horses. We also look at Gothic books inspired by the Middle Ages. Happy Halloween!

Articles in this issue include:

The weird story of an Icelandic ghost named Þórgunna, by Andrea Maraschi

Defending the Venetian Lagoon against the Black Death, by Jo’anne Van Ooijen

Musical Medicine: An Examination of Music’s Prophylactic and Medicinal Roles During the Black Death, by Sonja Maurer-Dass

The Wild Hunts of Medieval Lore, by Karin Murray-Bergquist

Haunted Space: Four Gothic Authors for All Hallows’ Eve, by Minjie Su

October equus and horse symbolism, by Bojana Radovanović

and much more!

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