Castle for Sale in France: Chateau d’Arcine

Chateau d’Arcine

Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny, France
Asking Price: €2,887,500

Chateau Arcine 1

The Chateau d’Arcine is a private family estate located in Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny in southeastern France, just a few kilometres from the Swiss city of Geneva. The castle was built high above town and offers an outstanding view on the mountains and the valley, and sits on a property that covers an area of 5ha 42 (13.4 acres).

Also known as the Château de Rumilly-sous-Cornillon, parts of this castle date back to the 11th century and for most of the Middle Ages it was owned by the Counts of Geneva. In 1411 the castle was sold to Duke Amadeus VIII of Savoy, and the site has remained in private hands over the centuries.

Chateau Arcine 2

The interior of Chateau d’Arcine has been modernized, with five bedrooms, a sauna, dining and living rooms, a wine cellar, and office and reading rooms. Besides the three-story square tower and main building, the property also has an old barn, forest and a stream running through it.

Chateau dArcine

You can learn more about this castle for sale by visiting the Immo Achat Vente website or the Facebook page Let’s Buy a Castle in France (which includes many more photos).

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