Game of Thrones – East and West, Constantinople and Rome, Emperor and Bishop

Game of Thrones – East and West, Constantinople and Rome, Emperor and Bishop

Lecture by Alexander Evers

Given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on January 13, 2015

Excerpt: “The following is a tale of the struggle between the Emperors of Constantinople and the the Bishops of Rome – the Popes (Question: Can we call them Popes already?) A tale that becomes apparent through the document in the so-called Collectio Avellana…I would like to argue here that the Collectio is conscious attempt of the Bishops of Rome to take the lead in matters of faith, and potentially also in everything else that went on, both within and outside the walls of the church. A bid for the formally imperial title of Pontifex.”

Alexander Evers is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Classical Studies and Ancient History at the John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago. His research has concentrated on the African provinces of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity. A number of articles have appeared, dealing with various aspects of life in the cities of Roman Africa. His book Church, Cities, and People: A Study of the Plebs in the Church and Cities of Roman Africa in Late Antiquity was published by Peeters Publishers (Leuven) in 2010. His work continues to focus on North Africa, particularly in the period of the Vandal Interregnum. His current main project, however, deals with the city of Rome itself, in the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries. He directs an international and interdisciplinary project on the so-called Collectio Avellana.

Alexander Evers

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