The Medieval Alphabet

“The alphabet was the most significant of the boons conferred upon mankind by Phoenicia. It is generally considered the greatest invention ever made by man” ~ Philip Hitti in his 1961 book The Near East in History: A 5000 Year Story.

If you want to see more medieval letters of the alphabet, we recommend the Macclesfield Alphabet Book, which was created in England in the late 15th century/early 16th century. Meant to be used as a pattern book for an artist’s workshop, this manuscript contains 14 different sets of letter designs. In 2009 the manuscript was purchased by the British Library, who have digitized it – you can see it online here.

We’re not the only one’s who have created a look at medieval letters. David Stapleton created this video in 2012, using mostly images from the British Library:

Medieval Alphabet

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