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Small doors on the Viking age: The Anglo-Saxon coins in Norway project

Dr Elina Screen here discusses her work on the ‘Anglo-Saxon Coins in Norway’ project – a collaboration between the British Academy’s Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles (SCBI) research project and the Norwegian partner museums.

Over 1,000 People Discovered at Medieval Cemetery underneath the University of Cambridge

It is believed to be one of the largest graveyards of its kind found in Britain, with as many as 1500 people buried there.

10 Men Who Almost Became the King of England

English history might have been very different if they had Eustace, Alphonso or Louis on the throne – here are ten men who nearly became the King of England in the Middle Ages.

This Week in Medieval Manuscript Images

It’s even more painful than it looks! This and forty more medieval manuscript images from the last week.

Anglo-Saxon medicine is able to kill modern-day superbug, researchers find

A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham.

The Medieval Saints of Sweden and Denmark

There is a clear link between the celebration of native saints and the ecclesiastical organisation that emerged in Scandinavia in the 12th century. Yet, according to a new doctoral thesis in history from the University of Gothenburg, important differences can be noted between Sweden and Denmark.

Which Irish Saint Are You?

Brendan, Columba, Patrick – find out which Irish Saint you are most like!

15 Mysteries from the Middle Ages

Here are fifteen mysteries that are still puzzling medieval historians.

Lightning Strikes in Medieval Florence

Luca Landucci writes about lightning strikes in 15th century Florence.

Writing About Richard III: Admissible Sources and Emotional Responses

What is it about Richard III that provokes an emotional response, when so many other British monarchs are of scant interest to twenty-first century people?

Do You Know Your Game Of Thrones Geography?

Do you know your House of Stark from your House Lannister and Dothraki Sea? Play our tough quiz and find out if you are true fan of the HBO fantasy series…

Petrarch’s Africa I-IV: A Translation and Commentary

English-speaking scholars have neglected Francesco Petrarch’s self-proclaimed masterwork, the Africa.

‘Far is Rome from Lcohlong’: Gaels and Scandinavians on Pilgrimage and Crusade, c. 1000 – c. 1300

To what extent was the Mediterranean terra incognita to the inhabitants of the fringes of northwestern Europe – Gaels and Scandinavians – in the central Middle Ages?

The Quickener – A Medieval Tale

The year is 1348. Medieval England has just been struck by a terrifying plague. The fate of a young sculptor and his wife will be decided today. With a brutal moneylender breathing down their necks and The Black Death wrecking havoc will they be able to escape doom?

Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume V Issue 2

This issue’s theme is The Campaigns of Charlemagne

The Life of St. Sabas the Younger as a Source for The History of the Catalan Grand Company

A piece of Byzantine hagiography from the fourteenth century which, in spite of its religious character, is a valuable source for the history of the Catalan Grand Company, Roger de Flor’s famous band of Spanish mercenaries hired by the Byzantine emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos (1282-1328) to fight the Turks in Anatolia.

Palm Sunday in Medieval Manuscripts

How Palm Sunday was depicted in two of the most important illuminated manuscripts of Medieval Europe: The Isabella Breviary and Bible Moralisée of Naples.

Philippa Langley: The End of Richard III and the Beginning of Henry I

Amidst all the excitement, and the whirlwind that was Richard III’s reburial in Leicester, I managed to catch up with one of the world’s most famous Ricardians, ‘the Kingfinder’, Philippa Langley.

Late medieval bling-bling

Illustrations and surviving clothing and accessories however present an entirely different picture of medieval fashion: bright, contrasting colours, costly, lavishly decorated fabrics and belts and bags adorned with all kinds of golden and silver-coloured mounts.

Lancelot and His Upcoming Reboot: Forgiven or Unforgiven?

Remakes can be a really interesting way to get at the heart of a story, as long as they don’t misplace that heart in the retelling.

This Week in Medieval Manuscript Images

This week we were among the 200,000 people who found @MedievalReacts on Twitter. Here are some of our favourites from his tweets, and many others who made use of the Middle Ages.

Which Era Do You Belong To?

Were you meant to be in the Age of Exploration, or is the Victorian Era the time for you to have lived in? These seven easy questions will reveal all!

What Remains of Richard? – play to take place at Bosworth this Saturday

What Remains of Richard? is being staged at Leicestershire County Council’s Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on Saturday, March 28th from 1pm to 2.30pm

Richard III’s Book of Hours

When King Richard III’s remains were reburied at Leicester Cathedral today, the service made use of his personal prayer book, known as The Hours of Richard III.

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