Game of Thrones – Review of Season 3 Episode 6: The Climb

This week on Game of Thrones, there are plots a plenty in King’s Landing, danger and daring North of the Wall and negotiating and pleading at Riverrun.

Game of Thrones – Review of Season 3 Episode 6: The Climb


“You’re a proper lover Jon Snow.” ~ Ygritte

The Wildlings have come to the Wall and are set to scale it. Ygritte realizes that he’s still a Crow at heart but also knows that the men of the Night’s Watch don’t care if Jon lives or dies, and conversely, Mance Rayder doesn’t care if Ygritte lives or dies. With this in mind, they pledge loyalty to each other because no one else will.

This couldn’t come at a better time as when the Wildlings climb the treacherous Wall, Jon nearly dies twice. Once, as one of the men “tests” his climbing ability by allowing ice to rain down on him, the other when one of the Wildlings tries to cut Jon and and Ygritte loose after another mishap. Instead of helping them, he swilling to let them drop to their deaths. Jon manages to do some quick thinking and saves them both. They truly have each other’s backs.


“You have been to the Other Side?”~ Melisandre

“There is no Other Side, my Lady, I’ve been to the Darkness” ~ Beric Dondarrion

Arya is still a captive to Thoros of Myr – a former priest of R’hllor. Thoros’ men encounter Melisandre entering their camp and Arya takes an instant dislike to her. After Gendry is taken prisoner to help fill their coffers, Arya grabs Melisandre and confronts her, calling her a witch. Melisandre is stunned that Beric has been resurrected six times and believes that Thoros must have remarkable power with R’hllor. Thoros claims he is a failed priest with no such powers but believe because of Beric, that R’hllor is the One true God.

Game of Thrones – Review of Season 3 Episode 6: The Climb


Rob has a new slogan and it’s no longer “Winter is Coming”, it’s “I‘ve won every battle but I’m losing the war”. Well, if you’e losing the war, you’re not really winning are you? Rob is in a bind and has to come back to Lord Frey with his tail tucked between his legs to beg for aid. Lord Frey requires an apology after Rob refused to marry one of his daughters, and he also wants Harrenhal and all its attended lands. Lastly, Rob has to promise his Uncle in marriage to one of the Frey girls or the alliance is off. Rob chastises his Uncle for refusing, but then apologizes when he admits his Uncle is paying for his sins. It’s at this point, I’m beginning to lose all respect for Rob – he’s a dreadful leader. No one respects him, he’s losing ground left and right and his men have abandoned him. It’s beyond grim at this point and very difficult to see how he could win a war let alone hold the throne since no one seems to listen to him.


“It’s hard to say which of the four of us is getting the worst of this arrangement” ~ Tyrion

“We’re being shipped off to Hell together” ~ Cersei

Roose Bolton has given Jamie leave to return to King’s Landing as restitution for the damage his men did to his hand so long as he tells Tywin that he wasn’t the cause of Jamie’s maiming.

Meanwhile, it’s a battle of wills as Olenna Redwynne argues in vain against marriage to Cersei. Tywin mentions Loras’s homosexuality and she deftly fires back with Cersei and Jamie’s incestuous tryst. Tywin finally calls check mate by threatening to end Loras’s line by having him put into the guards. Lady Olenna has no choice but to agree.

Game of Thrones – Review of Season 3 Episode 6: The Climb

Tyrion has a very honest conversation with his Cersei about what happened at the Battle of Blackwater and asks her plainly if he is still in danger – she admits, his is but it’s not due to Joffrey anymore. It’s a very interesting and candid conversation. They commiserate about their situations and realise, their father isn’t playing favourites – neither of them is getting a good deal. The only child Tywin seems to care about is Jamie.

Sansa is still grating as ever. She is still dreaming of fancy clothes and weddings and completely unaware of Loras’s reputation. Tyrion has the unpleasant task of telling her that he’s her future husband and she watches Littlefinger’s ship, and her last hope of escape, sail away. Once again, she squandered the opportunity to escape. She still hasn’t learned anything about politics and power. She’s still playing princess in her head and just cries when things don’t go her way. She is as annoying as Joffrey is sadistic.

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