The Fatimid and Kalbite Governors in Sicily : 909-1044

The Fatimid and Kalbite Governors in Sicily : 909-1044

Takayama, Hiroshi

The Mediterranean Studies Group Hitotsubashi University, Volume 13 March (1992)


Aghlabid rule of Sicily came to an end in 909 when the Aghlabid dynasty in Tunisia was replaced by the Fatimids (909-1171), and thus the history of Islamic Sicily entered the second phase. As soon as the news arrived in Sicily that Abd `Abd Allah, a leader of the Shiites and one of the founders of the Fatimid dynasty, had occupied Tunisia, the Muslims in Sicily imprisoned Ahmad b. Abi al-Iusayn, last Aghlabid wall (903-909), and re-elected the former wall `All b. Muhammad (903-903)’to be first Fatimid wall (909-910) on 4 April 909. Fえtimid rule in Sicily.

‘All b. Muhammad was, however, deposed and replaced with Al-Hasan (910-12) by the first Fatimid caliph ‘Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi (909-934) in 910. This new wall, Al-Iasan, appointed Ishaq b. Abi al-Minha to be qadl of Sicily, who proclaimed AlMahdi’s name in the Friday sermon at Palermo. Fatimid rule (909-947) of Sicily was then established religiously as well as politically. During this period most of the walls were appointed by the caliphs and maintained close ties with the Fatimid court in Tunisia, but enjoyed political independence.


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