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Strange Geographies: The Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia

What I found there was both stranger and more innocuous than anything I had heard.

The Geography of the Provincial Administration of the Byzantine Empire (ca 600-1200)

The transition to the medieval thematic system of provincial administration took place at a period of time on which our level of information is extremely low.

Sailing with the Mu’allim: The Technical Practiceof Red Sea Sailing during the Medieval Period

The status of the Red Sea as a lane of communication be-tween the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean has beenwidely commented upon…The medieval period was no exception to this. The establishment of Mecca as a centre of pilgrimage and theincreasing importance of Cairo both served to provide further motives for seafaring activity along and across theRed Sea.

Understanding the Language of Alchemy

The editing of medieval alchemical texts poses a number of challenges to the modern scholar.

Re-writing discourse features: speech acts in Heliand

Though extremely fascinating and very appealing, the theory of the saxonization and northernization of the Gospel has ended up permeating every single level upon which an analysis of the poem can be carried out, becoming a sort of a priori starting point that may lead scholars to over-interpretation and, therefore, hinder them from developing a perhaps deeper insight into the poem.

The Arthur of the chronicles

Even if we cannot accept the claim made by Geoffrey in his introduction that his putative source was ‘attractively composed to form a consecutive andorderly narrative’, he certainly made extensive use ofWelsh genealogies andking-lists.

Women and the adoption of charters in Scotland north of Forth, c. 1150–1286

In the thirteenth century, charters in the name of women became more plentiful, especially in the case of widows, and more standard formulas emphasising the ‘lawful power of widowhood’ were employed widely.

Preliminary report on a Viking warrior grave at War Memorial Park, Islandbridge

The site where the artefacts were discovered is located on the edge of what was known as ‘the great pit’, a gravel pit that was in use in the 1860s. A number of Scandinavian furnished burials were discovered through gravel extraction at that time.

Heraclius and the Evolution of Byzantine Strategy

This paper aims to be an initial stepping stone in the understanding of the foundation and evolution of Byzantine strategy.

The Fox: A Medieval View, and Its Legacy in Modern Children’s Literature

In the medieval bestiaries, which were considered to be authorities on zoological truths, the fox was described as a fraudulent and ingenious animal.

A Cold Case of Historical Bias

Cardano’s ‘Encomium Neronis’—rendered in my translation as ‘Nero, an Exemplary Life’—is structured like a pleading in Nero’s defense delivered in front of a modern court of law by a very clever, if not entirely genial, lawyer.

The Life and Miracles of St. Margaret of Cortona (1247 – 1297)

Margaret’s extraordinary career brings the historian closer to the early development of the Franciscans and the Order of Penance; it tells us much about how women saints were described, and about how civic cults of saints emerged.

Wenlok Jug recovered, person arrested in connection with theft

The Wenlock Jug, a medieval artefact that was stolen earlier this year from a museum in Luton, England, was recovered earlier this week by Bedfordshire Police.

Collectivism in Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai

Japanese tradition has revolved for centuries around the concept that groups of people must work together to accomplish goals.

Post-Conquest Medieval

Unlike the preceding millennium, which had seen the upheavals of the Roman conquest and then growing Anglo-Saxon influence, and the related socioeconomic transformations reflected, for example, in the emergence, virtual desertion and then revival of an urban hierarchy, the post-Conquest Medieval period was one of relative social, political and economic continuity.

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