Full Metal Jousting: SE01EP09 “Charge On”

Full Metal Jousting: SE01EP09 “Charge On”

“I try to see the silver lining in everything, but I just couldn’t find it today…” ~ Jake Nodar

This week, we got to witness the semi finals – two men went forward to joust in the finals and two got benched. For the first Joust, we had Matt Hiltman and Jake Nodar. The same rules apply as before: 8 passes, a lance change after 4 passes, and the point system remains unaltered. Jake, the underdog, was soundly trounced 22-1 by Matt. However, in Jake’s defence, he did keep at it in spite of knowing he was going to lose. Matt managed to make Jake “eat sand” twice in two violent unhorsings but Jake didn’t sulk and kept fighting, thus, earning the respect of his team mates even if he didn’t move up to the finals.

“Nobody wants to lose to his big brother” ~ Josh Avery

Then, we move onto the BFF joust – friend versus friend, teacher versus student as the two Joshes go head to head. Josh Knowles, who taught Josh Avery how to joust, met him in the lists for one of the best jousts of the entire season. They had a spectacular double unhorsing and Josh Avery was in the lead until he missed on the eighth pass. It was bittersweet – Josh Knowles won by one point but seemed sad to have to take his friend out. In the end, the master was not usurped. This joust was by far the most interesting and heartfelt. You could see the conflicted emotions of both jousters at having to battle each other. This wasn’t the usual drummed up drama that a lot of shows insert as ratings eye candy; it was genuine. Also, unlike Jake’s pummeling, this joust was evenly matched and truly neck and neck. Josh Avery looked like the winner in the beginning but Josh Knowles buckled down and came up from behind to take the lead and the win out from under him. It was a true edge of your seat fight to the finish. Tune in with us next week for the grand finale as Matt Hiltman takes on Josh Knowles in a heated battle for $100,000 and the title of champion jouster!

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