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A Renaissance Instrument to Support Nonprofits: The Sale of Private Chapels in Florentine Churches

Most visitors to Florence today assume that the extraordinary examples of religious art and architecture were commissioned by the local church, and that each church was largely controlled by the Vatican. In fact, most church art was privately commissioned and privately owned, and the local churches had a large degree of local autonomy.

The Medical Zeitgeist in Chrétien de Troyes’ Cligès

While reading Medieval texts, we often times discover special concoctions made of various ingredients in order to cure certain diseases and illnesses.

Game of Thrones Review: SE02 EP05 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

Review of ‘The Ghost of Harrenhal’, Episode 5 of Season 2 of Game of Thrones

The repair and rebinding of ‘The Pilgrimage of Human Life’ at the Bodleian Library

The article gives a step-by-step description of the repair and rebinding project which, along with digitization, was funded by a donor to the library.

Battle of the Nations – Warsaw, Poland

Watch live the World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle

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Magiferous Plants in Medieval English Herbalism

This study examines thirteen English vernacular medical texts, dating from approximately the tenth to the fifteenth centuries, for evidence of magiferous healing plants.

Charting the “Rise of the West”: Manuscripts and Printed Books in Europe, A Long-Term Perspective from the Sixth through Eighteenth Centuries

These arguments suggest that the number of manuscripts and printed books produced in a given society are complex measures of economic performance and societal capabilities, and are therefore a valuable guide to the study of long-term economic change.

Jerusalem in Medieval Christian Thought

In the prophetic tradition, the dwelling of God is understood as a spiritual one. Yet, in spite of the expressed manner in which Jerusalem was called The Holy City, an element of imperfection remained.

From Other Worldly to Worldly: Materialism, Anomie, and the Decline of Catharism’s Charismatic Appeal

The Cathars believed in a dualist cosmology that posited the existence of two coeternal gods, one good and one evil.

Graeco-Roman Case Histories and their Influence on Medieval Islamic Clinical Accounts

Medieval Islamic medicine has until now been studied primarily through its learned treatises. According to that theoretical corpus, written in Arabic, Islamic medicine mainly constitutes an elaborate systematization and synthesis of earlier Graeco-Roman sources.

Cistercian Spirituality and Emergence of the Coronation of the Virgin in the Late Middle Ages

Along with the popular devotion to the Virgin Mary, the theme of the ‘Coronation of the Virgin’ acquired high popularity through the artistic representation of the Virgin.

In the Wake of the Treaty of Windsor: A Tale of Two Ladies

The river Lima, which crosses the upper Minho region, one of the great and beautiful landscapes in Portugal, had witnessed some of the most significant moments of her life. And yet, Inês had probably been born very far away in England, in the reign of Edward III.

The Vikings and a Turbulent Anglo-Scandinavian World

This talk will track the Vikings’ impact on medieval England, an impact with effects that are still evident today.

Craftsmanship of the Digby Mary Magdalene play

The Digby Mary Magdalene is contained in the Digby MS. 133 of the Bodlein Library. Included in the Manuscript are three other plays, Killing of the Children, The Conversion of St Paul, and a portion of Wisdom.

Guillaume de Machaut’s “Messe de Nostre Dame” in the context of fourteenth-century polyphonic music for the Mass Ordinary

It is a contention of this thesis that, among these sources of fragmentary or whole (that is, five- or six- movement), Mass cyles, a historical context may be found for the Messe de Nostre Dame, a work which has traditionally been approached as though is possessed no such context.

The Verb in Beowulf

Thus, in a paper of the nature of this thesis, the Beowulfian novice is limited in scope and must be satisfied, at best, to open a small breach in the subject, examine one segment, focus his attention on one aspect, single out one featture of it, and channel the efforts of his research towards some contribution, no matter how small, to the overall scholarship in the field.

Full Metal Jousting – Review of Episode 4

A brutal shot in practice sends a competitor to the hospital, leaving a teammate to joust in his place. Shane reveals a surprising twist in the competition.

“Women Make All Things Lose Their Power”: Women’s Knowledge, Men’s Fear in the Decameron and the Corbaccio

“Women Make All Things Lose Their Power”: Women’s Knowledge, Men’s Fear in the Decameron and the Corbaccio By Regina Psaki Heliotropia, Vol.1:1 (2003) Introduction: Boccaccio’s literary corpus offers a broad spectrum of ideological positions on how the nature and worth of women are understood in institutional contexts which typically privilege maleness, whether these contexts be […]

On bilingualism in the Danelaw

Little can be known about those bilingual speakers of the language varieties related to Old English and Old Norse, who wandered in the Danelaw during the Viking Age, as no direct evidence has come down to us to support this argumentation.

Friar Benedict the Pole of Vratislava his mission to Mongolia and his narrative (1245-1247)

This is a study of the life and achievements of the Franciscan, Benedict the Pole of Vratislavia, who was sent with an Apostolic mission by Pope Innocent 17 in 1245 to the Great Khan of the Mongols.

The role of the Norman kings in the framing of the British Constitution

I attempted to show how William respected the Anglo-Saxon constitution in its main principles. The Conquest, together with the influence of the system of government then prevaling on the Continent brought about some changes…

The legacy of the 13th Apostle: origins of the East Christian conceptions of church and state relation

In this article I wish to query the notion that there is a single Eastern Christian religious political theory, such a one that could be stood in opposition to Catholic medieval or early modern Protestant theories of church-state relations…

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