St.Louis University to host Medieval Academy of America Conference this week

Saint Louis University’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies will host the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America Thursday-Saturday, March 22-24.

The international meeting will feature 50 concurrent sessions from a wide range of disciplines and approaches. Plenary speakers will include:

William Chester Jordan (Princeton University and President of the MAA Fellows) – “The Gleaners”

Caroline A. Bruzelius (Duke University) – “Inside/Outside: Friars and the Dynamics of Urban Space”

Alice-Mary Talbot (Dumbarton Oaks) – “Searching for Women in the Archives of Mount Athos”

Richard C. Hoffmann (York University) – “Too Many Catches? Consumption, Habitat, Climate, and Competition in Medieval European Fisheries”

Thomas Madden, Ph.D., professor and director of SLU’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, said the conference will bring together noted scholars, students and those with a passion for history.

“SLU is known internationally as a premier institution for Medieval Studies,” Madden said. “It will be a thrill to have hundreds of the most distinguished medievalists in the world come to SLU, not only to take part in a conference, but to see for themselves what we have to offer. Our university is named for a medieval king, after all. It only makes sense that we are a leader in all disciplines of Medieval Studies.”

Other papers include “What Was an Archive in the Early Middle Ages?” by Adam J. Kosto of Columbia University, “Monastic Water Management in Medieval Scotland” by Richard Oram of University of Stirling, and “Turks and Guns: How Gunpowder Weapons Affected Ottoman Siege Tactics from 1453 to 1522” by  Kelly DeVries of Loyola University, Maryland.

Founded in 1818, Saint Louis University is the oldest university west of the Mississippi and the second-oldest Jesuit university in America. It is an institution with much to recommend it to medievalists. The university has extensive manuscript and rare-book holdings and is also the home of the Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library, a microfilm copy of thousands of manuscripts from the Vatican Library in Rome.

Madden, who also is chair of the program committee, said it has been a great collaborative project to plan for the meeting.

“It’s a tremendous honor to host the Medieval Academy of America here at SLU and it has been a real team project. A great many faculty and graduate students from across the SLU campus have been joined by dozens of colleagues from Washington University, the University of Missouri–St Louis, University of Missouri–Columbia, and Southeast Missouri State University to help make this major conference a real success,” Madden added.

All sessions, lectures, meetings, and receptions will be held in Busch Student Center and DuBourg Hall.

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Source: St.Louis University

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