History of epilepsy in Medieval Iranian medicine

History of epilepsy in Medieval Iranian medicine

By A. Gorji and M. Khaleghi Ghadiri

Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Vol.25:5 (2001)

Abstract: The history of epilepsy in Medieval Persian medicine is not well-known in the Western world. This article presents the clinical approaches according to which Medieval Iranian practitioners viewed epilepsy and dealt with its problems. The clinical viewpoints of epilepsy are collected from Medieval Persian scientific references. These describe clinical manifestations, basic mechanisms, etiologies, treatment and prognosis. Medieval Iranian practitioners provide detailed clinical information on epilepsy. They mention various forms and symptoms of epilepsy and its apparent causes and offer dietary and hygienic rules, as well as a long list of pharmacologic compounds for treating it. Their findings about epilepsy are very accurate and vivid and many of them are accepted even today.

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