The Political Ideas of Machiavelli: A Fresh Look

The Political Ideas of Machiavelli: A Fresh Look

By Isaiah Azariah

Proceedings and Papers of the Georgia Association of Historians, Vol. 9 (1988)

Introduction: The early sixteenth century marked a watershed period for political writings on the art of governing. In 1516, Erasmus placed into the hands of a printer the manuscript of The Education of a Christian Prince. Also printed in 1516 was Thomas More’s Utopia, which he also wrote while was a houseguest on one of his frequent visits to England. And far to the south in a suburb of Florence a man unknown to either Erasmus or More, Niccolo Machiavelli, out of work and out of favor with the newly powerful Medicis, was at work on The Discourses. He had completed his more famous work, The Prince, three years previously in hopes that it would win him prestige and power with the Florentine elite. The book was not printed until 1532.

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