Stronghold 3 adds Castle Builder extension

The makers of Stronghold 3, which was launched this fall, have added a medieval castle builder extension to enhance their video game. It allows players to put their stronghold to the test in the Free Build mode.

“Although Stronghold 3 wasn’t designed with a skirmish mode in mind,” said Simon Bradbury, Lead Designer from Firefly Studios, “we have listened to what the fans have been saying, so we’ve beefed up the Free Build mode to give players lots more flexibility and the ability to have increasingly powerful invasions attack their castle.”

Castle builders will be able to access the experimentation panel after downloading the latest patch from December 2nd. The new controls open up a whole host of options, including differently sized siege armies to strike your carefully crafted castle, the ability to add random events, a dynamic difficulty setting that can be changed on the fly and the sneaky opportunity to ‘cheat’ by giving yourself more honor or gold (The Wolf would approve of this black hearted gameplay).

The experimentation panel is just one of a host of improvements added to the title since launch, others include: difficulty options to allow weakling lords to progress through the single-player mode, speed controls to get peasants working faster than ever, a King of the Hill multiplayer mode and larger maps in the map creator.

Stronghold 3 is available for PC now in stores and from digital retailers. For more information on the game head to or for details on 7sixty’s other titles,

Click here to learn more about the game.

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