Earn an Online History Degree

Earn an Online History Degree

By Carrie Oakley

Are you a busy working adult who still wishes to earn a degree? Distance learning is quickly becoming the way to go back to school without leaving your job behind. If you have a passion for history and teaching, perhaps you should consider getting your Bachelor degree through an online program. Maybe you want to earn a Master’s in History? You can do that online, too!

Although earning your degree online can be more convenient than conventional college coursework, it is definitely not easier. Keep in mind that when you are taking online classes, you are the only person who can keep yourself on track. Just because you don’t have to attend class at a regularly scheduled time doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep a schedule.

Taking online classes requires you to keep up with reading assignment due dates and deadlines for homework, quizzes, tests, projects and other assignments. You will also need reliable access to the internet at all times, and you will need to check your student email account multiple times a day (teachers will communicate with you through email).
If you are ready to take your education to the next level but don’t want to sacrifice your current job, an online degree may be your best alternative. Listed below are the top online history degree programs.

1. Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa, Bachelor of Arts in History.

2. Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kansas, Bachelor of Arts in History.

3. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona, Bachelor of Arts in History.

4. Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, Master of Arts in American History or Master of Arts in Military History.

5. University of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois, Bachelor of Arts in History.

For more information about these schools and programs, visit the admissions section on each college’s corresponding website. Remember that you will likely need to take some type of college entrance exam and provide your previous schooling transcript/s. As with any other university, any out-of-state or international student policy must be observed correctly.

Carrie Oakley is editor and writer for Online Universities. She likes to write articles about many topics of interest, including education and career planning.

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