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Battle Castle set to invade TV screens in 2012

Battle Castle, a new Canadian television series airing in 2012, promises to reveal the military engineering behind six medieval castles – detail the epic sieges they faced, how they were built and the defensive strategies behind their design.

Produced by Parallax Film Productions, the series will offer unique views of the castles of Conwy, Malbork, Chateau Gaillard, Malaga, Dover and Crac des Chevaliers. The series will be hosted by Dan Snow, a popular English-television presenter known for his work on shows such as Battlefield Britain and Norman Walks.

While the episodes will begin airing in early 2012 on Canada’s History Television, the company has already extensively developed its online resources, including:

The Battle Castle website
Flikr – photos of the various castles
Youtube Page – with dozens of videos already available
Facebook and Twitter

They have also developed an online Battle Castle game, which is described as:

You are a runner tasked to aid a military general in laying siege to six mighty castles, each with its own innovations and strengths. The general is very sick. He only communicates directly with a monk who gives you your orders. As the game progresses and the castles become more difficult to defeat, you are presented with greater control in how the general’s siege weapons are deployed. If the monk is pleased with your progress, he reveals details of a larger order, which you have the opportunity to become part of if you manage to do well.

More videos from the Battle Castle series:

Check back soon to read more details about the Battle Castle series

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