Ye Ole Middle Ages – Lesson Plan for Grades 4-6

Ye Ole Middle Ages – Lesson Plan for Grades 4-6

By Connie Beckner and James Parsons

Overview: William of Normandy conquered England in 1066, and set out to conquer all of Britain. There was a group of people called the Welsh who refused to surrender to the English. The British tried for about 200 years to bring Wales under their rule. There were many terrible battles. Edward I, of Great Britain, saw that the key to victory in bringing the Welsh under English rule, was to build English castles in their area. These castles were to be manned by English troops, and controlled by barons.

The Middle Ages, which lasted for approximately 1,000 years, is considered a “magical” time, but also a very “harsh” time. Through the use of video, hands on activities and Internet, students will get a glimpse into this mysterious and challenging period in time.

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