Who Was Who in Medieval Limerick; from Manuscript Sources

Who Was Who in Medieval Limerick; from Manuscript Sources

By Brian Hodkinson

Published Online (2010)

Introduction: The following list is compiled for my own personal research into medieval Limerick and is offered in the knowledge that it is not perfect. I hope it can be used as a tool to kick start research into various aspects of medieval Limerick. The list is compiled mostly from indexes to calendared documents, looking up all references under “Limerick” or in the case of CJR the locations at the side of the text. Lenihan’s mayoral list has been avoided because it was compiled at a later date and cannot, for the medieval period, be shown to be authentic. In many cases, such as the papal documents, it is highly probable that there are extra references to individuals who started or ended their career outside Limerick. Some people are known to have played a part on the wider national stage, but only Limerick references are listed here.

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