The Richard III Foundation Announces New Student Program

The Richard III Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to research into the life and reign of King Richard III, has launched their second student program, The John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies.

This grant, intended for graduate students and independent scholars who are seeking financial aid in completion of their research work, will be awarded annually to a deserving applicant currently studying an aspect of English history dating from the period 1450-1485. Candidates must be engaged in ongoing research projects designed to increase the historical understanding of King Richard III and his era.

The grant, named after John Davey, a patron of the Foundation who passed away in 2006, seeks to recognize those who believe in searching for the truth in history. Adamant in his belief that history was more than just dry words and dusty tomes, he continually encouraged people to look beyond the obvious. “History is not about books and dubious dates – it is about people. Living, breathing, feeling people with all the faults and flaws, gift and glamour that people of today have. It is about life itself.”

Joe Ann Ricca, President and CEO of the Foundation, agrees. “This grant will help to continue shining a light onto an often misunderstood period in history. John was a great friend and a remarkable man. He always told me to remain loyal to the truth, and naming the grant after him is one of the best ways I feel we can honor him and his contribution to not only the Foundation, but also to our knowledge of King Richard III and the Yorkist period.”

Jim Goodwin, a life long friend of Davey and member of the awards committee, feels that Davey would have been proud to be a part of the new program. “In my minds eye, I can see John sitting there with both thumbs up.”

The Richard III Foundation, Inc., has long aspired to stimulate interest and provide research and scholarship into the life and reign of King Richard III and the Wars of the Roses. Working to identify and translate documents and text that provide insight into an important period in history, The John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies will play a valuable and important role in historians quest for the truth.

“I am thrilled to be in a position to help students realize their dreams,” stated Susan Mahoney, Administrator for Student Programs for The Richard III Foundation. “I believe in doing what we can to foster our understanding of history and The John Davey Research Grant does just that.”

Applications and additional information regarding the program can be obtained at Deadline for application is July 1, 2011.

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