Spatial Dichotomy in the Medieval Chivalry Romance (City/ forest)

Spatial Dichotomy in the Medieval Chivalry Romance (City/ forest)

By Maka Elbakidze

Актуальні проблеми слов’янської філології. Серія: Лінгвістика і літературознавство, Міжвуз, No.22 (2009)

Abstract: The principle spatial dichotomy of the medieval chivalry romance – city (court)/forest – reveals an artistic and structural opposition between courtly civilization (city/castle) and wild nature – forest (the world outside the court/castle). The descriptive and geographical details are determined both by the internal logic of narrative itself, and long literary tradition of representation of nature. The defamiliarization of a well-charted territory produces just what romance calls for: a realm of adventure in the depth of which the process of penetration of those moral values which is the basis in the formation of ideal person should be finished.

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