Matthias Corvinus’ Reign in Silesia and its Consequences

Matthias Corvinus’ Reign in Silesia and its Consequences

By Radek Fukala

Historica – Review in History and Related Sciences, Vol.16:1 (2009)

Abstract: The Hungarian and Bohemian king, Matthias Corvinus, was politically skillful and significant doer in Silesia. His strong reign and his steps resulting in the country’s centralization, naturally, eventually disappointed many Silesian dukes and estates. But, with a lapse of time, Corvinus’ integration of Silesian territory and the establishment of the estates’ and duchy institutions throughout the country proved to be a progressive element from political and military as well as economic respects. It is undoubted that his reign represented a significant stage in the development of the incorporated lands of the Bohemian Crown.

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