Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium

Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium – Seventh Annual ASSC Graduate Student Conference
Held at the University of Toronto
February 12, 2011

Nine papers were presented at this conference, which dealt with a wide variety of topics related to the Anglo-Saxon world. Under the theme of “Crises of Categorization”, the conference ranged from Beowulf to how winter was viewed by Anglo-Saxons.


Eric Weiskott – “Where They Please: the punctuation of Old English poetry

Stephen Pelle -“‘The Fifteen Signs before Doomsday’: and Post-Conquest English Identity

Camin Melton – “Vernacular Authority in a Materialized God: Reading the Text of Christ’s Body in Old and Middle English

Paul Langeslag – “Winter: Landscape and Season

James Paz – “Internal/External Interactions in the Exeter Book ‘Storm’ Riddles

David Lennington – “The Anglo-Saxon Death Lists: Crisis and Categorization

Grant Leyton Simpson- “Crises in the Pronoun Paradigm and the Transgendered Body: Crossdressing in the Old English Saints’ Lives of Euphrosyne and Eugenia

Richard Shaw – “At the Borders of Medicine and Magic: A New Work by Ælfric?

Leif Einarson – “Sex and the Smithy: (mis-)representations of sexuality in Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse narratives of metalworkers”

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