The Anglo-Saxon Cross at St. Andrew, Auckland: ‘Living Stones’

The Anglo-Saxon Cross at St. Andrew, Auckland: ‘Living Stones’

Maleczek, Nina

York Medieval Yearbook, ISSUE No. 2, (2003)


The remains of the High Cross at Auckland St. Andrews are well-known, but little documented. Rosemary Cramp describes and dates the cross (to between the end of the eighth-century and the beginning of the ninth), and while it is referred to in the work of Collingwood, Coatsworth and others, it cannot boast the extensive study that sculptures such as the Ruthwell, Bewcastle and Rothbury crosses have received. The main reason for this seems to lie in the apparent simplicity of its figural scenes. However, by examining the St. Andrews cross in relation to other contemporary sculptures, by reassessing its figural scenes, and by questioning its function within the context of its religious and natural landscapes, it becomes clear that the cross does present an overall, coherent theme, which reflects the religious climate during which it was created, and which could even be connected to its function.

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