Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island

Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island

Dinsdale, Christopher

Napoleon & Company

ISBN: 9781894917919


The fate of the known world is settled on the shores of Canada…

Christopher Dinsdale’s third historical adventure for young readers begins in Scotland. Connor MacDonald and his mother have encountered Henry Sinclair, Norwegian prince and Earl of Orkney, who rescues them from highwaymen. Prince Henry is an adventurer who has sailed to the farthest reaches of the known world. On a dark Egyptian beach, he was given a treasure so precious, kings would sacrifice everything in order to acquire it. But unlike the warmongering monarchs of Europe, Prince Henry intends it to become an everlasting beacon of peace in a plan so bold that only the exiled Order of the Knights Templar could even dare conceive of it. Events soon lead Connor, now a squire, his friend Angus and Prince Henry to the shores of Vinland and Oak Island. The fate of the Templar Knights rests in the hands of two Scottish teenagers and?their Mi’kmaq friend, Na’gu’set, as they desperately try to identify the dark forces that threaten not only to destroy themselves but the entire Templar Order.

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