Why Medieval? with Robin Wardle

I have to say my first real memory of something that was obviously medieval was when I was 8 and accidentally saw Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie! (I did already know who they were tho) But even before that, when I lived in the middle of no where with no exposure to tv or movies, I still loved stone buildings, knights,… castles and dragons! Also very young I saw the 1936 movie of Romeo & Juliet starring Norma Shearer & Leslie Howard which had spent millions of dollars to recreate verona and gorgeous sets! Since then I have read, watched, researched, lived, created and dreamed of medieval things and myths! I don’t know if I was born loving or belonging in the middle ages, but there is definately some connection that doesn’t go away :)

This question has also restarted a discussion with my son as to whether dragons ever existed lol… prove they didn’t! ♥

– Robin Wardle

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