God’s Personal Freedom: A Response to Katherin Rogers

God’s Personal Freedom: A Response to Katherin Rogers

Staley, Kevin M. (Saint Anselm College)

The Saint Anselm Journal 1.1 (Fall 2003)


This paper defends the thesis that God need not have created this world and could have created some other world. God’s freedom, as it pertains to creating, is the freedom of indifference. Many object that such freedom is incompatible with God’s goodness, wisdom, and perfect love. They argue that the freedom of indifference implies arbitrariness and a lack of a genuine concern for His creation on God’s part. I respond by showing that even if the notion of “the best possible world” were philosophically coherent, God’s goodness, wisdom, and love would not be compromised were he to have created a world that is less than best.

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