A contribution to the study of lamellar armors

A contribution to the study of lamellar armors

By Ivan Bugarski

Starinar, Vol.55 (2005)

Abstract: The work is based on the finds of lamellar armours from the Early Byzantine site Svetinja at Viminacium. In addition to the analysis of the finds we presented also the analogies from Early Byzantine, Germanic and Avar contexts and we also paid attention to the so far insufficiently known find from Selenca. Along the armours we also analyzed the related lamellar helmets. The work includes discussion of the genesis of lamellar armour types – their Oriental origin and their continuance after the 6th century, i.e. the final years of the 6th and the beginning of the 7th century, when lamellar armours were introduced in the Byzantine army and among Germans and Avars as a result of changes in warfare techniques. Finally, we suggest conclusions resulting from the precisely defined context of the Svetinja find.

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