The Krakus’ and Wanda’s Burial Mounds of Cracow

The Krakus’ and Wanda’s Burial Mounds of Cracow

By Leszek Pawel Slupecki

Studia Mythologica Slavica vol.2 (1999)

Abstract: The author presents the Krakus’ and Wanda’s burial mounds in the vicinity of Cracow, Poland. He has established that the connection between the figures of the Cracow legend and both mounds is more than just a product of fifteenth century literature, but originiates from a much earlier tradition. Archaeological excavations of the Krakus’ mound indicated that the mound originates from the ninth and the tenth century. According to the author, the pagan peoples living along the Visla river created these mounds in the very center of their state as a response to the advancing Christianity from neighboring Moravia.

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