Castle for Sale in Italy: Castle of Cravanzana

The Castle of Cravanzana was originally built in the twelfth-century and is located in the village of Cravanzana in the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy. The three-story castle, which is over 2700 square meters in size and has 36 rooms, was largely rebuilt in the 16th century and was owned by the House of the Savoy in the 18th century. After another renovation in 1731, the castle was sold by Carl Emmanuel III to his minister Marquis Gian Giacomo Fontana (the castle is also Fontana’s Castle).

The castle has a commanding view over the neighbouring village and area, and has been modernized and restored in recent years. It includes a courtyard, chapel, prsion and stone wine cellars, and has vaulted ceilings with original frescos. While there are several fireplaces on each floor, the entire castle has been connected to the local gas utlitity.

The property surrounding the castle is about 5000 square meters and comes with two houses that need restoration, but can accomodate up to 10 rooms each. A garden and parkland are also on the site.

The castle also comes with its furnishings and artwork, which includes over 600 paintings – about half of these paintings are believed to date back to between the 15th and 18th centuries. Their is a wide a variety of antique furniture and hundreds of other items ranging from musical instruments to books and silverware.

The owners of the castle suggest that the property can be used as a private residence, or be converted into a hotel. The Langhe region, which lies near the French-Italian border, is an important tourist area famous for its wines, cheeses, and truffles. The village of Cravanzana lies about 30 kilometers from the town of Alba and has about 400 residents.

Those interested in purchasing the castle should contact:

Mr. Fabrizio Milanesio
0039 320 8694575

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