By Robyn Young

Publisher: Plume, June 29, 2006

ISBN: 9780452288331


One young knight, bound by faith, driven by valour, begins a quest to protect a secret that could change the course of history irrevocably.

A richly detailed, epic historical adventure set in Paris, London, Egypt, and Palestine on the eve of the last Crusade, “Brethren” tells the story of a young knightas search for a mysterious (and potentially deadly) book belonging to a secret organization within the Knights Templar.

When young Will Campbell joins the most powerful organization in Europe, The Order of the Knights Templar, he finds himself drawn into a world of intrigue and danger. He is charged with recovering a heretical book stolen from the orderas vaultsabut what Will doesnat know is that the book, in the form of a Grail Romance, hides the covert plans of a secret group within the Temple known as the Anima Templi: the Soul of the Temple. Whoever controls the book controls the fate of the Templarsaand it seems that everyone around Will is ready to kill to possess it.

“Brethren” also traces the rise of Baybars Bundukdari, an ambitious commander in the Egyptian army, who, after assassinating the sultan, takes control of Egypt and Syria. The two stories come together during Baybarsas campaign for a new Holy War that will cripple an empire and bring the Crusaders to their knees.
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