The Wild Hunt

In a dark forest a battle rages between the power-hungry Celts, the rampaging Vikings, the secretive wood elves and a mysterious shaman. But in the heat of battle, disaster strikes… someone breaks character, the one unforgivable transgression in this elaborate game of make believe. Looking for his girlfriend, ERIK (Ricky Mabe) enters this live action role playing game but his refusal to play by its rules sets fantasy and reality on a deadly collision course.

The Wild Hunt is a Canadian film being directed by Alexandre Franchi. It won the Best Canadian First Feature Film at Toronto International Film Festival 2009 and has received positive reviews. Made for only about $500 000, the movie is described as a comedy turned thriller, set in the fantasy world of medieval re-enactment. The movie was filmed at an actual medieval event, which allowed them to use thousands of extras dressed in period costume.


The Wild Hunt – official film website

The Wild Hunt – Facebook group with more videos and information


Review by – “Being a Canadian means that I have seen more than my fair share of Canadian films. With some exceptions, most of these films look cheaply made, poorly written and depressingly dark in tone. The Wild Hunt, a tale of live-action role-playing that rapidly becomes a version ofThe Lord of the Flies, fulfills much of this criteria, but at times this film is also compelling, funny and intense.”  Click here to see the full review

“Nary an audience member will be able to walk out of the theatre without picking their jaw up off the ground.” –

“Do yourself a favour and chase down a screening of The Wild Hunt. You’ll be glad you did, whether or not you believe Ragnarok is nigh.” – Twitch


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