The Creighton Century: British Historians and Europe, 1907-2007

The Creighton Century: British Historians and Europe, 1907-2007, a lecture by Robert Evans.

This lecture was given in November 2007 at the Institute of Historical Studies in London, England.

This lecture honours, on the centenary of its foundation, a long series of distinguished lectures on historical subjects and the memory of the scholar whose name they bear, Bishop Mandell Creighton (1843-1901). In particular, it addresses one important but neglected theme: Creighton was a notable Englishman, and self-consciously so, but he was also one of the first British historians to show a significant interest in Europe.

In this lecture Professor Evans uses individual Creighton lectures to explore the ways in which a view of European history, both the past of separate continental lands and the collectivity of the countries across the Channel, developed during the twentieth century.

Robert Evans works on the post-medieval history of central and eastern Europe, especially of the Habsburg lands, 1526-1918. He has a particular interest in the place of language(s) in historical development. His main current research commitment is to a history of Hungary, 1740-1945. He also studies the history of Wales.

The Creighton Century, 1907-2007 was published in 2007 and contains essays from the University of London’s prestigious Creighton Lecture, which has been delivered by the leading historians of the 20th century. including medieval topics.

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