The Cross and Culture in Anglo-Saxon England

The Cross and Culture in Anglo-Saxon England

Edited by Karen Jolly, Catherine Karkov, and Sarah Larratt
West Virginia University Press, 2008
ISBN:  978-1-933202-23-5

As Volume One in the Sancta Crux/Halig Rod series, this collection of new research offers fascinating glimpses into how the way the cross, the central image of Christianity in the Anglo-Saxon period, was textualized, reified, visualized, and performed. The cross in early medieval England was so ubiquitous it became invisible to the modern eye, and yet it played an innovative role in Anglo-Saxon culture, medicine, and popular practice. It represented one of the most powerful relics, emblems, and images in medieval culture because it could be duplicated in many forms and was accessible to every layer of society. The volume speaks to critical issues of cultural interpretation for Anglo-Saxonists, medievalists of all disciplines, and those interested in cultural studies in general.

Sancta Crux/Halig Rod: The Cross in Anglo-Saxon Englandwebsite detailing the ongoing project behind this book

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