The Church in Anglo-Saxon England

The Church in Anglo-Saxon England

By John Godfrey
Cambridge University Press, 2009
ISBN: 9780521109048

It is likely that the gospel was brought to Britain in Roman times by merchants and soldiers from Gaul. The author offers a details and balanced history of the events of these years. While his main theme is the conversion of the English to the Christian faith, his account is not narrowly ecclesiastical: he is concerned as much with the notable personalities and cultural achievements as with the fluctuating fortunes of the Church itself, the growth of its institutions and the work of its missions. The sixteen plates, including some illustrations seldom or never previously reproduced, give rich evidence of Anglo-Saxon taste and skill. there are six maps, an extensive bibliography, and full notes and references. No history of the Old English Church of a comparable size and scope has appeared in this century; and since Mr Godfrey’s approach is both informed and uncomplicated, his book will be equally enjoyed by the scholar and the general reader.


1. Pre-Christian religion in Roman Britain

2. Christianity in Roman and sub-Roman Britain

3. Christianity amongst the Celts

4. The heathen Anglo-Saxons

5. The mission of St Augustine

6. Further stages in the Roman mission

7. The Celtic mission to England

8. The triumph of Rome

9. Theodore and Wilfred

10. Monks and nuns in early England

11. Architecture and art in pre-Danish England

12. Christian poetry in Anglo-Saxon England

13. Scholarship and learning in Early England

14. The Anglo-Saxon mission to the continent (I)

15. The Anglo-Saxon mission to the continent (II)

16. The eighth century: councils and reform

17. The Dames and King Alfred

18. The monastic revival

19. The origin and development of the parochial system

20. Homilists and writers

21. English contributions to the conversion of Scandinavia

22. Architecture and art: the later stages

23. The closing stages

24. The primacy of Lanfranc

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