Articles and Theses posted in April 2009

Here is the list of articles and theses posted to in April 2009


A Fresh Look at Bulgaria under Tsar Peter (927-69)

Church and State in the Kingdom of Cilician Armenia, 1198-1375

The Armenian and Byzantine Foundations of the Concept of Jihad

Japan’s relations with the Asian Continent and the Korean Peninsula (Before 950 AD)

Iconoclasm in Byzantium: myths and realities

Eikonomachia: The Afterlife of the “Iconoclastic Controversy” in Byzantium

Empires and exploitation: The case of Byzantium

Transferring Technical Knowledge and Innovating in Europe, c.1200-c.1800

The Development of the Sciences in China from the 4th to the End of the 12th Century

Medieval Civilization from the World-Historical View

The Mongol Invasion of Persia

Swells of the Mongol Storm around the Baltic

The medieval construct of demonic evil: an inverted incarnation

Prosecuting animals in Medieval Europe : possible explanations

The spirituality of Andrei Rublev’s Icon of the Holy Trinity

The Use of Scripture in The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

The evolution of hospitals from antiquity to the Renaissance

Masculinity and medicine: Thomas Walsingham and the death of the Black Prince

Magnificent entrances and undignified exits: chronicling the symbolism of castle space in Normandy

Intentional ethics and hermeneutics in the Libellus de symoniacis: Bruno of Segni as a papal polemicist

Parties and factions in the late middle ages: the case of the Hoeken and Kabeljauwen in The Hague (1483–1515)

Late medieval churchwardens’ accounts and parish government: looking beyond London and Bristol

From demon to deity: Kang Wang in Thirteenth-Century Jizhou and beyond

Friendship through fourteenth-century fissures: Dai Liang, Wu Sidao and Ding Henian

The Lollards and social and religious reform

The Understanding of Papal Supremacy as revealed in the Letters of Pope Gregory the Great

Joachim of Fiore

Gupta artistic tradition in the reign of Kumaragupta I Mahendraditya, 414-456 A.D.

Runaway Wives: Husband Desertion in Medieval England

Women and Wills in Catalonia: Sterility and Testacy in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries

Kin and the Courts: Testimony of Kinship in Lawsuits of Angevin England

A Family Conflict Set in Stone: The story of Henry, eldest son of Henry II of England

Bawds, Pimps and Procurers: Images of the prostitute in medieval England

Knightly Arms – Plebian Arms

Wars and Warriors in Gregory of Tours’ Histories I-IV

Rural Fortifications in Western Europe and Byzantium, Tenth to Twelfth Century

Rome’s Final Conquest: The Barbarians

The Commentary on the Song of Songs Attributed to R. Samuel ben Meïr (Rashbam)

Beyond ‘History and Memory’. Traces of Jewish Historiography in the Middle Ages

British Christian continuity in Anglo-Saxon England: the case of Sherborne/Lanprobi

Pope Gregory the Great and the Irish

The political and ecclesiastical extent of Scottish Dalriada

The political function of ‘early Christian’ inscriptions in Wales

Paschal dating in Pictland: Abbot Ceolfrid’s letter to King Nechtan

Beyond Historical Accuracy: A Postmodern View of Movies and Medievalism

The plans of medieval Polish towns

The Doctrine of Signatures in the Medieval and Ottoman Levant

The Restoration of Beaufort Castle (South Lebanon): A 3D Restitution according to Historical Documentation

Dispelling mathematical doubts. Assessing the mathematical correctness of algorithms in Bhâskara’s commentary on the mathematical chapter of the Âryabhatîya

Deplatonising the Celestial Hierarchy. Peter John Olivi’s interpretation of the Pseudo-Dionysius

The tribal territory of the Kurds through Arabic medieval historiography

Uses and Values of the Term Kurd in Arabic Medieval Literary Sources

Yemeni ‘Oceanic Policy’ at the end of the 13th century

A Medieval Trade Entrepot at Khor Rori? The Study of the Islamic Ceramics from Al-Hamr Al-Sharqiya

The origin of the European “Medieval Warm Period”

Essence of Mongol-Christian Diplomacy in the 13th Century

The Mongol Transformation: From the Steppe to Eurasian Empire

Foreign Merchants in Medieval Barcelona

The Earthquakes of the XIV and XV Centuries in Catalonia

Monasticism and medicine: Gendered activities in healing practices, 500-1100

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