Historical materials from the medieval fortress Bač

Historical materials from the medieval fortress Bač

By Snežana Petrović, Vojo Jovanov, Slavica Vujović, Jonjaua Ranogajec and Emilija Fidancevska

Processing and Application of Ceramics, Vol. 1 (2007)

Abstract: Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage are the objects of great interest worldwide. For setting the correct methodology for the procedures of the restoration it is very important to have the right information about the state of the object and the characteristics of the original materials. The basis of our examinations were clay products (samples of bricks, terracotta and clay roof tile) from the middle ages, the fortress in Bač. The following methods were used: x-ray diffraction, classic chemical analysis, SEM-EDS, Hg-porosimetry and dilatometry. Based on the used methods, mineral composition, temperature and regime of fi ring and textural properties of the examined materials were determined. The degree of destruction of examined materials was also identifi ed, in order to find compatible materials for future techniques of conservation and restoration.

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