Excavations at Castle of Wardhouse, Aberdeenshire

Excavations at Castle of Wardhouse, Aberdeenshire

Yeoman, Peter A.

with contributions by S Boardman, S Carter, P Cundhill,
K Cuthbert, D Davidson, B Finlayson, B Ford, T Gabra-Sanders,
D Gallagher, S Hamilton-Dyer, I Mate, F McCormick,
N M McQ Holmes, M Spearman & R Will

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 128 (1998), 581-617

Advanced plough erosion prompted rescue excavation at the moated site of Castle of Wardhouse in 1988. An integrated programme of work involving aerial photography, field survey, remote sensing, palynological analysis and excavation enabled interpretation of the complex development of the site in its historic environment (beyond this, palynology indicates human intervention in the environs since at least 5000 BP). The defences of the 13th-century moated enclosure were well preserved, although plough damage had removed almost all traces of the buildings on the enclosed platform. Documentary evidence clearly indicates that the later form of the castle was that of a stone tower house. This too has been ploughed away. The project was funded by Historic Scotland.

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