A Mortal Glamour, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A Mortal Glamour

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Juno Books
ISBN: 0-8095-5794-0


A dark tale of obsession, possession, and passion set in the tumultuous atmosphere of 14th century France amidst the virulent onslaught of the Black Death, the ravages of the Hundred Years’ War, and the constant intrigues of a divided Church with two ruling Popes. Seur Aungelique, a headstrong young nun of noble birth, is driven by desire to seek refuge with the most notorious — and sexually accomplished — courtesan in Europe. Returned to the convent of la Tres Saunte Annunciacion, her lust still runs deep and soon ecstatic moans of pleasure and screams of pain are heard coming from behind her closed door. One by one the other sisters…a priest…a soldier…succumb to carnality and defilement. Possessed by something unspeakable, the godly are catapulted into debauchery and damnation. Who has ensnared these souls? What haunts the convent? Where do the nightmares come from?

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